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CIEC Registrars' Area


CIEC Data Exchange Platform (CDEP) is a large system which comprises many components, including AuthoringEnvironment. This is a web application, accessing via a compatible browser. It also consists of a desktop program that visualizes and signs CIEC forms, initiated as a Java Web Start program. This means that a proper Java installation is a prerequisite, along with adding some extra security features (more details can be found in the preparatory guide). Moreover, since CDEP installs some configuration data in the users' workstation, write privileges in the users' home directory is mandatory. Finally, the aforementioned components are tested in Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and Linux (Ubuntu 10.04+, OpenSuse 11.1+). To sum up:

Browser OS Java Runtime Operating System provileges
Firefox 3+ Windows XP JRE 1.6.xx read/write privileges to user home directory
Google Chrome 7+ Windows Vista JRE 1.7.xx program addition (JRE) or ability to update JRE folders
IE 7+ Windows 7 JRE 1.8.xx
Windows 8
Ubuntu 10.04+
OpenSuse 11.1+

Use of the system in a working environment that contradicts the criteria mentioned above is strongly discouraged.


In the previous paragraph, we have shown the system prerequisites. Now we will analyze the installation process of these prerequisites, apart from the OS installation. The preparation guide for Authoring Environment can be found here.

User Guide

The complete user guide for Authoring Environment can be found here.

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